Pōhatu stack
Pōhatu stack
Koakoa Design

Pōhatu stack

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The Pōhatu stack earrings combine beautiful natural elements in a simple but lovely drop.  Each element has been carefully chosen.  


Lava stone is said to draw on its origin from deep in Papatūānuku and to have a grounding and calming effect.

Howlite is a gemstone which is said to encourage patience and reasoning and reduce stress and anger.

The bone beads used in this stack were discovered in an old and dusty jar which had been forgotten in the back of a small, dark store.  The origin is unknown but in this design, the bone represents connections and quiet strength.

Semi-precious fossil stone beads are believed to be formed from sea fossils or shale which is cut and polished.  They are said to accelerate positive changes and promote good energy.


These handmade earrings vary from earring to earring.  They are as unique as the beautiful people who wear them and they are all made with aroha.