The Heritage Collection - Manawanui | Amaru
The Heritage Collection - Manawanui | Amaru
Koakoa Design

The Heritage Collection - Manawanui | Amaru

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The Koakoa Design : Heritage Collection earrings are inspired by the people and places we connect with.

The Heritage Collection comes in different sets.

The Manawanui set celebrates the stepping forward of the people.

It is determination, perseverance and strength of heart and vision.


'Amaru' was designed to capture the calm dignity we see in tāne and wāhine in quiet service to their community, their whānau.  

The stone used in the design was chosen as it is said to absorb negative energy, promote calm, facilitate awareness and encourage emotional expression and communication.


These are handmade earrings which vary from pair to pair.  They are as unique as the beautiful people who wear them and they are all made with aroha.



The core components are -

  • Ribbon/fabric, metal, Howlite, locally gathered feathers