Sloppy Tee Basket (happy mutants)
Sloppy Tee Basket (happy mutants)
Sloppy Tee Basket (happy mutants)
Sloppy Tee Basket (happy mutants)
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Sloppy Tee Basket (happy mutants)

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Modern handmade sloppy tee basket made with love in Aotearoa.

This flexible tactile crochet basket is ideal for storage and display.

Use it for a stylish storage solution for your:

  • Children's soft toys
  • Yarn and craft materials
  • Baby clothes, bibs or nappies
  • Or simply as a contemporary design object by itself

Happy mutant sloppy tee baskets have noticible variations fams.  Recycled t-shirt yarn often has significant variation in both the texture and the colour from skein to skein and even within the same skein.  Rather than seek out perfection these happy baskets run with whatever change and difference comes their way.


  • The mutation - transitions from an olive with a greenish tinge to an olive with a yellowish-browner tinge.
  • Composed of - flexible, t-shirt yarn (80% recycled cotton, 20% polyester)
  • Size (approximate - allow 1-2cm variance due to materials + handmade production) - Large - 36cm x 7cm


Please note - being a handmade item, there may be some variance from the image shown here.  Each item is unique but all items are made with aroha!



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