A pair of handmade earrings with Māori design aesthetic are displayed on a cream retro styled vase and a light grey background. The earrings feature black and black and cream striped ribbon. One earring has a round cream stone bead attached by a chain. The other has a hand-stamped plaque which reads "tonu".
A pair of handmade earrings lie flat on a plain backdrop next to a small handmade clay dish filled with cream stone beads. One of the earrings has a hand-stamped reo Māori antique brass plaque. The other has one of the cream stone beads.
Koakoa Design

The Heritage Collection - Manawanui | Tonu

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The Koakoa Design : Heritage Collection earrings are inspired by the people and places we connect with.  Indigenous, Māori design aesthetics flow through all of the unique, statement earrings in this collection.

The Heritage Collection comes in different ranges.


The Manawanui range celebrates the stepping forward of the people.

It is determination, perseverance and strength of heart and vision.


'Tonu' was designed to reflect clear vision, strength and durability.  Featured in the design are hand-stamped brass and stone.


These are handmade earrings which vary from pair to pair.  They are as unique as the beautiful people who wear them but they are all made with aroha.



The core components are -

  • Ribbon/fabric, metal, stone