The contents of a care or well-being kit (hauora pack) are displayed against a grey background. On a flat wooden stick in front sit a natural kawakawa massage oil and next to it, a small jar of māriri balm (a rongoā-based pain relief balm). Behind them on a small wooden crate a 3-part wheat pack sits. The wheat pack is in a tropic palm leaf fabric in dark blue, white and a touch of green.
Koakoa Design

Care Kit - Nagging Pain

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This care kit is a beautiful gift for someone who is dealing with ongoing nagging pain.  Or, it's a great starter kit for those wanting to try a variety of products to help them manage dull or throbbing pain.


This hauora set contains:

  • Māriri Balm crafted in Rotorua by Pani Herbal Balms drawing on rongoā knowledge and practices.  The Māriri Balm utilises the pain killing and muscle relaxant properties of tātarāmoa and the anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties of eucalyptus to create a balm to help with pain from arthritic aches in muscles and joints, soft tissue injury or any nagging pain that keeps you awake at night.  15g.
  • Kawakawa Oil infused by Kawakawa Rotorua.  This deep heat massage oil has been created to help soothe muscle and joint aches as well as support arthritis sufferers, knee joint aches and sporting sprains.  Important - this product contains peppermint oil so if you are hapū (pregnant) please seek advice from your medical practitioner if it is suitable for you.  100mL.
  • Cotton Wheatpack.  This three-segmented wheat pack is dressed in 100% cotton fabric and can be used hot or cold.  Either pop it in the microwave or the freezer to get the warmth or chill you find most helpful for your aches.  Follow the safety instructions carefully.


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