Handmade poi made in New Zealand by Māori crafter. The single poi displayed is covered in vintage style floral fabric on a minty blue-green cotton
Pair of handcrafted NZ poi. The poi balls are covered in a floral fabric with blue-green tones and a vintage aesthetic.
Two Māori poi covered in a vintage-style floral fabric not plastic. The poi are lying in front of a vintage print of a woman in a petticoat. Also lying on the oak dresser is a vintage fairy tale book.
Koakoa Design

Vintage poi - mint floral

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These sweet handmade poi feature a vintage style floral design on a delicious candy mint cotton.  The soft white woollen cord is joined to a lilac tail which complements the cool blue-mint of the fabric covered poi ball.


These poi would make a beautiful gift for your babies who are learning poi or who simply enjoy the movement and flow of poi as they play.  The poi would also look gorgeous in their rooms if you're wanting to introduce New Zealand designs and crafts into your home.


All poi are handmade in Aotearoa.  The inner is soft foam and the fabric is either hemmed or cut with shears to reduce the risk of fraying.  The cord and tails are made with soft to the touch wool.  The 'ball style' tails are sewn onto the cord.


Please note - there may be some slight variance from the image shown here.  These are handmade items.  Some styling changes might be made from time to time.  Each item is unique but all items are made with aroha!


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