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DIY Poi Kit
DIY Poi Kit
DIY Poi Kit
DIY Poi Kit
DIY Poi Kit
Koakoa Design

DIY Poi Kit

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The DIY Poi Kit is a craft kit for kiwis.

Not only is this a great leisure and crafting activity, but you'll create a beautiful pair of fabric covered play, practice and display poi.  They'll make a gorgeous addition to your decor and are also functional so you can practice your poi moves for the next Rob Ruha Tik Tok challenge!


Note - This poi crafting kit is aimed at teens or adults or for older children with the help of an adult (there is cutting with a sharp knife required).

In the DIY Poi craft kit you'll get:

  • 2 Foam balls
  • 2 Fabric swatches
  • 2 Lengths of wool for the taura (cord)
  • 2 Loops of wool for the hukahuka (tail)
  • 2 Ties for the tails
  • 2 Ties for the head (balls)
  • 2 Lengths of thread
  • 1 Needle
  • 1 Measuring tape
  • Instructions

You'll also need (not included):

  • A pair of scissors
  • A sharp knife like an hobby or craft knife or x-acto


Please note - there may be some variance from the image shown here such as the fabric swatches or wool colour.  Styling changes might be made from time to time.  Each item is unique but all items are brought together with aroha!


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