In the foreground a pair of crochet face scrubbies are shown in an olive and a mustard colour. Behind them are handmade makeup pads in a retro Scandinavian cotton fabric on top, with a mustard coloured towelling fabric just visible on the back side. The floral pattern is in olive, gold, soft pink and cream colours. A pile of the crochet scrubbies sit behind and to the right. Behind all is a small wooden crate with multiple remover pads sitting inside.
Handmade crochet cotton face scrubbies in olive and mustard colours. A pair of the scrubbies lie flat in the foreground. A pile of the scrubbies in a Kraft band stamped with "Koakoa Design" sit just behind the pair.
Handmade make up remover pads in a retro Scandinavian floral fabric are displayed. In the foreground, two pairs of the pads lie, and behind them is a small wooden create filled with more pairs of the remover pads.
Koakoa Design

Eco-friendly Reusable Make-up Pads and Face Scrubbies

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Going eco-friendly has never been easier or more stylish! 

Great for replacing cotton wool or disposable pads.  These make-up remover pads and face scrubbies come in a handy travel size so you can pop them in your make-up bag and take them with you so you're never caught short.  Gentle on your delicate skin and a pretty addition to your bathroom.


Choose from:

Fabric pads

Reusable make-up pads featuring a stunning, vintage styled floral cotton fabric on one side and a rich golden combed cotton on the other.  The pair includes one of each colour way (white, olive) in the floral.

These cotton make-up pads are shaped like river stones and no two are the same.

(approx 8-9cm)


Crocheted scrubbies

Hand crocheted face scrubbies using a lush organic cotton yarn.  These cuties come in a pair with one of each colour - leaf green and warm mustard.

(approx 7cm)


Combination set

Or why not get a set?  The set includes a pair of the fabric pads AND a pair of crocheted scrubbies.



Please note - there may be some slight variance from the image shown here.  These are handmade items.  Some styling changes might be made from time to time.  Each item is unique but all items are made with aroha.