Packs of playing cards are displayed on and under a small black metal shelf. There are grey packs and red packs organised in an alternating pattern. The packs say "Haere Mai" on the front and the pattern is similar to the Beehive matches design in black, red and cream thin stripes or black, grey and cream thin stripes.
Beautifully designed playing card fanned out on a plain background, the pack is titled "Haere Mai" and the design is based on an old matchbox.
Koakoa Design

Haere Mai Playing Cards

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These stunning playing cards will set the tone for your next euchre game in the whare kai.


From the overall aesthetic that recalls retro beehive matchboxes to the edge-to-edge striping on the back of each card and the banded tuck-in box itself, these cards are high-quality and thoughtfully designed.  



Treat your aunty, your nanny, your pāpā, hubby or self to these gorgeous cards designed in Aotearoa.


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