Natural Pain Balm - Pukatea (topical analgesic)
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Natural Pain Balm - Pukatea (topical analgesic)

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Pukatea is native to Aotearoa.  Its bark produces an alkaloid, "pukateine" which creates a natural analgesic used to relieve pain.


The Pukatea hauora balm provides rapid relief from strong or sharp, deep pain and can also be effective for some hard to relieve nerve pain.  For particularly strong pain, you may require a couple of applications.  The fast acting Pukatea has been combined with the slower acting Tataramoa to produce a balm that gives lasting pain relief.


All of the balms in this range use organic bases (e.g. organic beeswax or coconut oil or extra pressed virgin olive oil).  The balms are also free of irritating preservatives and stabilisers.


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