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A jar of "Popo" a natural rongoā based stress relief hauora balm sits on a plain backdrop.
Koakoa Design

Natural Stress Relief Balm - Pōpō

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The Pōpō hauora balm combines the relaxing and calming effects of Tātarāmoa, Tawatawa and Lavender to create a balm that soothes and eases stress, headaches and tension.


Rub on your temples and pulse points and wherever you carry stress.


This is a great balm to use prior to that big event or performance to help you stay centred.  It's also a lovely way to relieve the day's tension and mahi in the evening before you go to sleep.


The Pōpō Balm provides you with a gentle, rongoā-based, natural solution.


All of the balms in this range use organic bases (e.g. organic beeswax or coconut oil or extra pressed virgin olive oil).  The balms are also free of irritating preservatives and stabilisers.


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