A black round pencil holder is filled with pencils and a bunch of pencils tied with twine lie in front of it. The pencils are red, white, black, green and gold and on the pencils in front, you can see some reo Māori phrases are printed on the top end of the pencil. The upper most red pencil in the bundle has the phrase "Ehara I te tī" and a gold one underneath has "Whakapau kaha".
5 pencils are laid next to each other on a plain white background. The uppermost is gold and has the phrase "WHAKAPAU KAHA" on it which means "give one's all". The next is red and reads "Ehara I te tī" (which means YOLO). The next is green and says "Karawhiua" which means "Give it heaps". Next is a black pencil on it is printed "Me he tē" which means "like a boss". And lastly is a white pencil which says "wehi nā" or "that's amazing".
Koakoa Design

Te Reo Pencil Set - Motivational Kīwaha

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A set of beautiful wooden pencils with positive kīwaha in te reo Māori.  

These motivational kīwaha (colloquial sayings) will hopefully inspire the next burst of energy!


Singles or sets of 3 or 5 pene rākau available with a mix of the following:

  • WEHI NĀ   (That's Amazing) (white pencil)
  • ME HE TĒ   (Like a Boss) (black pencil)
  • KARAWHIUA   (Give it Heaps) (green pencil)
  • EHARA I TE TĪ   (YOLO) (red pencil)
  • WHAKAPAU KAHA   (Give One's All) (gold pencil)

The 5 pack contains 1 of each of the 5 different types of pencils.  

The 3 pack will contain 3 pencils selected randomly from the full group.

For the single, a pencil will be selected from those available.