A natural skincare kit featuring rongoā Māori (rongoā rākau) Manukawa and Mamaku hauora balms and an oatmeal bath milk. In this image, the products are displayed on a wooden stand with black metal legs.
Koakoa Design

Skin Support Kit - Repair

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This natural and gentle skincare trio supports the repair of damaged skin such as scarring.  Rongoā rakau balms are complemented by oatmeal bath milk in this skin support kit. 

Treat your skin or the skin of someone you love with pure and natural products.


This hauora set contains:

  • Mānukawa Balm crafted in Rotorua by Pani Herbal Balms drawing on rongoā knowledge and practices.  This balm combines the properties of kawakawa and mānuka to create an all-purpose balm for most skin problems.  In this balm, kawakawa brings its analgesic, anti-microbial and warming properties together with mānuka's anti-fungal, antihistamine and cell healing properties for your benefit.  The balm is also lovely for helping to bring warmth to cold hands or feet. 15g.
  • Mamaku Balm crafted in Rotorua by Pani Herbal Balms drawing on rongoā knowledge and practices.  In this balm mamaku is complemented with comfrey to produce a skin solution for scars or lumps under the skin.  It may take 7 -10 days to notice a change. 15g.
  • Oatmeal Bath Milk handmade in Kerikeri by Annoint Skincare.  Oatmeal helps ease irritated, dry or itchy skin and provides a good companion to other treatments for your skin.  The bath milk is blended with baking soda, epsom salts and infused with essential oil of lavender.  If you don't have a bath, you can use the milk in a bowl to soak your hands or feet.

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