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A hand holds the Tākaro reo Māori game box. In this image, the Into the Wild version of the game is featured.
Three Tākaro games (different versions) are laid on a plain background. Featured are the "Into the Wild", the "Bits and Bobs" and the "Original" versions of the game which offers a fun way to learn reo Māori.
Koakoa Design

Tākaro! Reo Game (Into the Wild)

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Tākaro! is a reo Māori card game for the whole whānau that helps you grow your reo together in a fun way!


Tākaro! Into the Wild introduces reo around ngāi kīrehe (fauna) and ngāi tipu (flora).


Winning relies on matching the correct kupu (words) to the symbols along with the correct pronunciation.

Each card features a number of symbols. Each of these symbols will have a direct Māori translation, which players will need to memorize and learn.  Players will flip over two cards competing to find the matching symbols; the first player to call out the correct translation wins the round.


Tākaro can be played by ages 4+ with each round lasting 10-15 minutes.

Each pack contains 57 Playing Cards and 8 reference cards. 


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