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Water Resistant Wheatpack and Cover
Koakoa Design

Water Resistant Wheatpack and Cover

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This water resistant wheat pack is ideal for someone who has an active life. It's also great for someone who uses balms along with wheat packs in their care routines.


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This three-segmented wheat pack can be used hot or cold.  


Either pop it in the microwave or the freezer to get the warmth or chill you find most helpful for your aches.  


These packs work the same as the cotton bags but with the added benefit of being resistant to liquid.


The washable cover are made from 100% cotton fabric. The cover provides added comfort and is machine washable too for convenience.



Whilst our waterproof wheat bags are water resistant, do not immerse them in water, simply wipe them down when necessary.

Follow the safety instructions carefully.

Approx. dimensions = 46cm long x 14cm wide,  Approx weight = 850gm 


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