Styled product image of the Amaru earrings by Koakoa Design. The earrings feature black and cream ribbons, on top of which lay a chain topped with a cream Howlite stone and a black feather.  The earrings are placed as if hanging from a Mānuka twig with a small number of white flowers.
A model is wearing the Amaru earrings. She is a Young Māori woman who is facing to the right of the shot. Her face an upper torso show in profile. She is wearing a white frilled short sleeved short and her black hair is pulled back from her face. She sits in front of a black linen backdrop and the shot is moody.
A pair of Amaru earrings laying flat on a pale grey background. To the foreground of the image is a single black feather which also adorn each earring. To its left is a small cream clay dish with gold edging inside of which are a pile of cream Howlite stones.


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Named after the ones we see who step forward to serve, to carry responsibilities on behalf of us all.


Calm dignity.  Quiet service.


We are inspired by their determination, perseverance and strength of heart and vision.

Roadtrips with kaihana to walk on whenua, kaputī and visits with whanaunga on their farms - these are the moments that lead us to the feathers that adorn these and our other befeathered earrings.



  • Ribbon/fabric, metal, howlite, locally gathered feathers, nickel free earring hooks
  • The stone used in the design was chosen as it is said to absorb negative energy, promote calm, facilitate awareness and encourage emotional expression and communication.