The Kia Māia earrings in toffee by Koakoa Design are shown lying on a  pale cream background. They look to be hanging from a small branch.
A close up of the Kia Māia earrings worn on a model. The image shows the partial face and shoulders of the model who is wearing a dark green linen top. She has long brown hair with golden highlights. The earring shown, is draped against her neck and ends at her collar bone. The earring is in toffee coloured satin ribbon with a mangopare printed designed in white.

Kia Māia

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Kia Māia.  Be brave.  


For we are here to stand beside you.



Lush rich toffee coloured satin ribbon earrings featuring a mangōpare design.  

The mangōpare (hammerhead shark) pattern can reflect courage and strength.




  • Nickel free antiqued copper (base metal stainless steel or brass), printed satin ribbon