A young Māori woman wears the Ko Au earrings from Koakoa Design. She is looking slightly to the left of the shot and looks sombre. Her hair is dark shot with golden highlights and she wears an off the shoulder dark olive top. She sits in front of a dark black background and the shot is moody. The Māori design earrings drape against her neck and chest.
A Māori woman wears the Koakoa Design Ko Au earrings. Her caramel brown hair flows down her shoulders and she is wearing a v neck black top. Her head is tilted up slightly and she gazes down towards the camera. One earring has a graphic representing pēpeha, the other has a korukoru feather.

Ko Au

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Ko Au.


The story of connection, of anti-disconnection.


The design represents the link between ātua, the natural elements reflected in our pepeha - here in the form of maunga and moana - as well as tūpuna and uri.


Ko Au - it's me. I exist within a broader, deeper set of relationships.  I do not exist in isolation.


Connection brings blessings and gifts and privilege.  It also brings responsibilities and obligations of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, aroha.


Roadtrips with kaihana to walk on whenua, kaputī and visits with whanaunga on their farms - these are the moments that lead us to the feathers that adorn these and our other befeathered earrings.



  • Ribbon/fabric, metal (stainless steel earring wires), suede cord, locally harvested feathers