A pair of the Mana earrings from Koakoa Design. In the image the earrings are laid flat on a pale warm cream background. They look as if they're hanging from a small toetoe frond. The earrings have brass plaques on which the word "MANA" is stamped. The plaques are affixed to small rounded bone buttons which are in turn joined to earring hooks.
A young Māori woman wears the Mana earrings from Koakoa Design. She is in an off the shoulder dark olive top. She is facing the left and her face and upper torso are in profile. She has a Māori tattoo visible on her back and her long black hair is tucked behind her ears and flowing loose down her back. She has a small smile on her face.


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Named for the enduring innate power gifted to us by ātua and inherited at birth.


Through our deeds and decisions we build upon or diminish it.


Designed to remind us of this gift and the responsibility and power it carries.




The core components are metal and bone with nickel free earring hooks.