A pair of the Koakoa Design Ngā Manu earrings lie on a pale cream background. The look as if they're hanging from a small branch. The earrings have small bone beads from which two feathers dangle from a chain.
A Māori woman is adorned with Ngā Manu earrings. She looks to the left of the shot and her face and upper torso are in profile. Her Māori designed tattoo is visible on her back and she wears a dark green off the shoulder top. Her long dark hair is tucked behind her ear and flows down her back. She looks thoughtful and is pictured against a dark background. The image is moody.
A pair of earrings lie on a pale background. Each earring has two small natural feathers in browns, greys and black which are attached to an antiqued chain which connects to a rounded bone bead which joins to a shepherd hook style earring hook.

Ngā Manu

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Ngā Manu.


A story of delicate beauty and strength.


A story of joy and grace.


Roadtrips with kaihana to walk on whenua, kaputī and visits with whanaunga on their farms - these are the moments that lead us to the feathers that adorn these and our other befeathered earrings.



These are handmade earrings which vary from pair to pair.  They are as unique as the beautiful people who wear them but they are all made with aroha.

The core components are metal including nickel free earring hooks, bone and feathers.